Dark Skies

The remoteness of rural Mid Wales and the Cambrian Mountains, guarantees visitors one of the darkest skies in the UK and Wales boasts the most Dark Sky Reserves in the World!  There are several Dark Sky Discovery sites in The Cambrian Mountains, including the Elan Valley International Dark Sky Park which is not far away, but you’ll find that you really won't need to venture from the cabin.

Dark means dark here.

So, whether you want to recline in the steaming hot tub under the stars, or climb further back up the hill to cuddle up on our suspended stargazing net and marvel the Milky Way overhead, you won't be disappointed!  In fact, if you’ve never experienced a true dark sky, we are sure you just won’t believe your eyes! 

Where most people dread the nights drawing in, winter is one of the best times to stay at Woodcock Cabin.  Not only can you enjoy stunning winter walks and hunker down in front of the roaring log burner, you get to experience the awe-inspiring stars overhead, at their best!

If you are thinking of booking your holiday at Woodcock Cabin, please see below for exciting times to plan a visit for stargazing! Of course, whilst we can guarantee you a dark sky, we can't guarantee a clear one! 

Lie back and let the show begin...........

Meteor Showers in 2022

  • The Quadrantids – 28 Dec to 12 Jan. Peaks 3 to 4 Jan (rate/hour 120)
  • The Lyrids – 13 to 29 April. Peaks 21 to 22 April (rate/hour 18) 
  • The ETA Aquariids – 18 April to 27 May. Peaks 6 May (rate/hour 40)
  • The Delta Aquarriids – 13 July to 24 Aug. Peaks July 28 to 29 (rate/hour <25)
  • Alpha Capricornids - 2 to 14 July.  Peaks 30 July (rate/hour 5) 
  • The Perseids – 16 July to 23 Aug. Peaks 12 to 13 Aug (rate/hour 150) 
  • The Draconids - 7 to 11 October. Peaks 8 - 9 Oct (rate/hour variable)
  • The Orionids – 1 Oct to 6 Nov.  Peaks 21 Oct (rate/hour 15)
  • The Taurids - 20 Oct to 10 Dec. Peaks 12 Nov (rate/hour <5)
  • The Leonids – 5 to 29 Nov. Peaks 17 to 18 Nov (rate/hour <15)
  • The Geminids – 3 to 16 Dec.  Peaks 14 Dec (rate/hour 120>)
  • The Ursids – 17 to 26 Dec.  Peaks 22 to 23 Dec (rate/hour <10)

Lunar Eclipse 

There will be a total Lunar eclipse on the 16 May, however people in the UK will not be able to see every part of the eclipse, but will be able to view the moon turning completely red as the eclipse reaches totality.

Observers in the UK will only be able to see the eclipse from 2.32am - 5.10am with optimal viewing for early risers, between 4.29am - 5.06am!


 “I think our second night at Woodcock Cabin will be one of those memories, that they say flash through your mind just before you die!  Lying in the hot tub with a glass of bubbly, we watched as one by one the stars began to appear. The Milky Way arched right over our heads – it was literally breathtaking.  So many stars in such a dark sky – we felt like we could reach up and touch them.  As we lay back, mesmerized, we saw shooting star after shooting star, dash across the sky.  We wanted to stay right there, forever.”

Local photo credits: Dafydd Wyn Morgan 

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  • Romantic, off-grid cabin hideaway for two
  • Secluded setting, in 38 acres of private land
  • Spectacular walks from the door
  • Wood-fired hot tub
  • Cosy log burner
  • Outdoor fire pit and cooking tripod
  • Covered veranda & handmade swing-chair
  • Dark skies & mesmerizing stars
  • Suspended stargazing net
  • Hot alfresco rain shower

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